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Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy

Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy

The educational objectives of the mechanical engineering program are to graduate mechanical engineers who can: practice professionally as team members or leaders in both local and global, multidisciplinary environments; advance their careers in mechanical engineering or other fields through promotions, positions of increasing responsibilities or professional certification; contribute to the welfare of the society, and respond to its needs with consideration of ethical and environmental issues; engage in advanced academic and research careers; and pursue entrepreneurial endeavours.

Students are offered mechanical engineering electives concentrated in five areas: 

  • The Design concentration integrates elements of the mechanical engineering program and utilizes modern computer methods to enable the engineer to model, analyze and design mechanical components and systems. 
  • The power concentration provides the engineering background for optimum use of energy resources; calculation of energy loads; design, selection and integration of conventional and non-conventional energy systems and components. 
  • The Industrial concentration enables the engineer to analyze, design, integrate, automate and manage industrial systems. 
  • The Materials and Manufacturing concentration focuses on ways of controlling material composition, treatment, and manufacturing in order to meet design requirements, and achieve desired levels of performance. 
  • The Mechatronics concentration focuses on computer programming, automatic control, sensor technology and microprocessor as well as manufacturing techniques.

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