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Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy

Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy

The Department of Applied Mechanics was established in 1922. It comprised two sections theoretical mechanics and engineering mechanics. In November, 1922 a section of thermal and mining mechanics was integrated. Ya. I. Grdina (1871-1931) was appointed as the Department Chairman. He had headed it up to 1931. Such outstanding scientists as Academician O.M. Dynnyk, Honoured Professor V.M. Makovsky, Professors K.E. Rerikh, A.S. Lokshin, and O.O. Spivakovsky worked at the Department before the World War II. Then the Department was headed by: Professor Ye.. Ivanchenko (1949-1969); Associate Professor V.A. Ivanov (1969-1973); Associate Professor V.A. Tymoshkin (1973); Professor .Ya. Bilichenko (1973-1988); Professor V.V. Mishin (1988-1998); Associate Professor S.M. Kuvaiev (1998-2001), and Professor .. Serdiuk (2001-2003). Since 2003 it has been Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy. It was headed by Professor .. Serdiuk (2003-2006), and Professor S.Ye. Blokhin (2006). Since 2006 it has been headed by Associate Professor .. Bas.

The Department is engaged in research and education. More than 165 scientific papers, 215 certificates of authorship and patents, 8 Phd theses and 2 Doctoral dissertations confirm that.

The Department trains specialists in Automobiles and Automobile Economy specialism area.

Levels of education are Bachelors and Specialists.

Such integrated academic activity as colleges the Department of Automobiles and Automobile Economy of the State Educational Institution NMU has been implemented.

The Department staff trains postgraduates in Mining Machines specialism area.

The Department researches in the field of motor car vehicles and hybrid power units.

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