National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time

Subject list of the Department

  1. Automobiles: design
  2. Automobiles: theory of maintenance
  3. Automobiles’ engines
  4. Highways
  5. Rolling stock of mining enterprises
  6. Technical issues of automobile design
  7. Traffic safety
  8. Production and technical bases of transport enterprises
  9. Specialty introduction
  10. Hydraulics and pneumatic drive
  11. Hydraulic drive of auto vehicles
  12. Vehicles diagnostics
  13. Operational materials
  14. Maintenance and machines exploitation
  15. Electronic equipment of vehicles
  16. Ergonomics in road transport
  17. Management in road transport
  18. Modeling processes of road transport
  19. Reliability of node cars
  20. Planning of auto enterprises production
  21. Management of vehicles technical maintenance
  22. Principles of design and operation of process equipment of transport enterprise
  23. Fundamentals settlement process equipment automotive companies
  24. Bases of heat engineering
  25. Bases of technical diagnostics
  26. Principle of technologies of production and repair of cars
  27. Prospective design of motor vehicles aggregates
  28. Lift-and-carry equipment for trucking companies and service stations
  29. Road laws
  30. Designing of transport enterprise using a computer
  31. Professional functions and tasks Specialist
  32. Economy of resources technology during conducting of repair
  33. Operations and bases of automobiles calculation
  34. Calculations of vehicle nodes using the computer
  35. CAD machines and vehicles
  36. Certification and licensing in road transport
  37. Special types of motor vehicles
  38. Thermodynamics of automobile engines
  39. Technical maintenance of vehicles
  40. Technical Maintenance of Car electrical and electronic equipment
  41. Operational processes at service stations
  42. Management of car repair production
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